‘Happiness lies, first of all, in health’

I spent the entirety of yesterday afternoon and most of the evening in bed yesterday, watching Netflix.  Laying around isn’t something that I particularly enjoy, but I had spent the previous 48 hours walking around feeling nauseous because of a lurking stomach flu, so I decided that rather than being a walking disease vector, I should just suck it up and mend for a day.

Laying in bed watching TV while the sun shone outside reminded me that I often take my health for granted.  It reminded me of a quote that a friend shared at our 21inc accelerator this past weekend: ‘Happiness lies, first of all, in health’ by George William Curtis.

Health looks different for everyone.  For me, this means the ability to do the things that I enjoy, which involves getting outside every day and moving around.  Days like yesterday, spent in bed watching The Walking Dead (wow, intense show) reminded me that GW Curtis was on to something.  It renewed my dedication to working on my fitness, and tonight I’m off to get some time in on the ultimate frisbee courts!  Thankful to be feeling better today.

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