Legacy statement: ‘I am the artist…

….who empowers people to make meaningful change’.

Last weekend, 21Leaders did some leadership coaching, and we were challenged to come up with a legacy statement.  A statement that embodies who we are, and what we want to achieve.  The above statement is my current iteration of my own legacy statement.  I love the image of an artist.  I’ve been playing around with the wording of the second part of the statement.

I was thinking about it yesterday after the chairman of our board of directors here at The Gaia Project asked me where I hoped to be at the end of my career.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  I haven’t quite figured out exactly where I want to be, but I’ve been working on concretely identifying my values and strengths, so that I can clearly articulate the change and impact I want to realize throughout my career.

My mission over the next couple of months is to talk to people in various stages of their careers to determine how they’ve defined themselves in their careers and what they want to achieve in their lives.

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