Lovely days

Lovely days

I was in Campbellton yesterday for a meeting with the Restigouche Hospital Centre regarding my 21Leaders art empowers project, that we will be collaborating to deliver on Monday, February 10th. 6 days left in the campaign; please consider contributing!

It was a great meeting, and I feel like we sorted out a lot of the details. I also had the chance to briefly drive around Campbellton, and I have to say: it is such a lovely place! I will definitely be back for some vacationing soon.

I had a long drive home, and while being in the car isn’t my favourite place to be, it gives me time to think. It’s hard to find the time to clear out the noise, and reflect on what matters, so I really valued that time yesterday. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to achieve long-term in my career, and while I don’t yet have the answer fully defined, I feel like I’m getting closer every day.

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