The things I learned from Campbellton

I just arrived home from spending almost 3 days in the lovely Campbellton, New Brunswick.  I delivered my art empowers project at the Restigouche Hospital Center, and I had an absolutely fabulous day; the staff and clients were so great, and we made truly creative acrylic paintings to stay at the center to display in their hallways.

During my stay, I stayed at a quaint little B&B, had dinner at a tasty Vietnamese noodle resto, caught up with a friend I haven’t seen in years, and weathered an unexpected storm.

The thing I liked the most about Campbellton – well, aside from the beautiful view of the water and the hills – was the people.  This morning while loading my huge kit of supplies into my car, a woman stopped, despite the snow and cold, to help me load everything into my car.  The receptionist at the hotel wanted to see my paintings, and asked me about my project.  The staff at the RHC took me out for lunch at a cute bistro for lunch.  The clients told me stories, and thanked me for bringing paint and colours.

People really are the heart of communities.  I loved the beautiful resiliency of this place.

On the note of people, you should also check out this post from blogger, Seth Godin, on the often heard saying, ‘those people’….  ‘if we brainwashed them into setting limits, I know we can teach them to ignore those limits’.


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