My journey as an educator

On Friday I had the opportunity to present to the current class of Saint Thomas University’s B.Ed class on my journey as an educator for a session on alternatives to classroom teaching.

Looking back on my journey as an educator over the last 3 years was a great exercise for me.  At The Gaia Project, we’ve come from my first day where we were working in a warehouse on Wilsey Road with no windows and a very mediocre heating system, to a basement office, to sleeping in a car in a high school parking lot during our Sustainable Building Challenge, to where we are now:

  • I have an office (with a bonus window!)
  • We’re currently 5 staff in various areas of New Brunswick
  • I love our mission: ’empower youth to make critical and informed decisions about energy and its impact on the environment’
  • We offer projects in both the Anglophone and Francophone systems 
  • We co-facilitate a peer group for teachers to support experiential learning in the province

It pushes me me to learn new things all of the time, and I’m grateful to be on this journey.

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