A salad and the struggle between important/urgent

It was a blustery snow day here in Fredericton today. I also woke up with the beginnings of a cold so it was mostly a ‘work-from-the-couch’ kind of scenario and try to get some rest.

While checking my e-mail, I found a great video. Awhile ago I signed up for Marie Forleo’s blog (vlog?) and saw one of her videos come through today about prioritizing: her recommendation was to begin each day by labelling your to-do list with ‘I’ for important or ‘u’ for urgent. The urgent will always get done – the important stuff is what matters. So I structured my day that way. It was great. (I realize that I found the video while doing the ‘urgent’ work of checking my e-mail)

I also went back to Seth Godin’s blog, as I hadn’t been there in awhile and read a post by his Special Project lead, Winnie on getting unstuck and her one-week challenge of making a blog post every day. So I’m taking her up on it.


Continuing on my 2015 themes of food and feminism, here is tonight’s salad.  Thrown together with what I found in the fridge on this little snow day:

– Mixed sprouts
– Diced red onions
– Carrots
– English cucumber
– Green onions
– Salad dressing: sesame oil, grapefruit balsamic & blood orange olive oil.

We’ve also been trying to cook everything in the freezer.  Which means that I’ve been eating meat, which isn’t my favourite, but I’ve made amends with myself about it by acknowledging that it’s better than wasting it and it’s all meat that has been locally sourced from my parents (with the exception of one turkey, which I’m not quite sure what to do with…!)

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