Who ya’ gonna call?


I grew up in the era of the Ghostbusters TV show, and will admit that I had the dolls (figurines) and that my favourite was SLIMER.

slimer(look at that FACE!)

Social media told me today that Paul Feig, of Bridesmaid fame, will be directing a Ghostbusters reboot with a female lead cast.  I’m so excited.

The critic in me points out that a male director is making this movie – would people see it differently if a woman was directing? Though the other part of me reminds the critic that I’m hoping for a day where those things don’t matter – it’s just people making movies about stories that they want to tell.  And I’m glad Mr. Feig wants to tell the story. I hope that it’s as awesome as the original.  And yes, I’m looking forward to Slimer.

Rolling Stones article on it here.

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