French novelist Marcel Proust is remembered for saying ‘the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes’.

Routines are critical in getting things done and there’s some great reading out there on it: Gretchen Rubin’s “Better than Before” and Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” being two of many great ones.

How do you maintain good routines while also seeing with new eyes?

Shoshin – keeping a beginner’s mind – is a practice I’ve been working on to foster ‘having new eyes’.

Part of my hope for this journey is that it will help me both in having new eyes, as well as setting up new routines. As ‘they’ say, travel is a great teacher. Travelling with someone teaches you a lot about the other person, but perhaps more importantly, it teaches you a lot about yourself.

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