The love of a dog

It may be the best feeling. My guy (pictured below being a goof in a t-shirt) is currently hanging out in a lovely and loving home so that I can be on this adventure. I knew I would miss him a lot but I underestimated just how much – leaving him felt a little bit like tearing a small hole in my heart. I know from the photo updates that he’s having a total blast, which makes doing this so much easier. I knew I had to do this adventure for myself, and the only real thing I was worried about was finding a temporary and loving home for him – a reminder that anything is possible when I can put my anxiety aside. Or as Marie Forleo would say, ‘everything is figureoutable’.

Seeing the street dogs in Bangkok was a reminder of just how lucky I am to be able to give my guy a good life, and also to be able to find him a loving home while away.

These 2 dogs were definitely loved by this gentleman who was selling clothes on Khao San Road. I observed him feeding them with care while I was waiting for a ride, though each of these dogs were covered in marks – likely from ticks and fleas, scars and one of them had a limp from what I’m assuming is being hit by a car.

This little, well-groomed cutey named Chanom lives at the hostel I’m staying at and is very loved, both by the owner as well as the guests.

What’s common among all of these dogs is that they really bring out the best in people and can show us our best selves.

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