The life-changing magic of tidying up

Marie Kondo got it right. Tidying up is life changing – it helps focus both thoughts and actions. I ‘konmari’d in February after reading her book by that title. My thoughts felt clearer after my home had only the things that sparked joy – I began working more intently on my goals.

I took the philosophy into packing for my multi-month adventure. This fantastic 28-L pack is my home for the next few months – everything in it is organized by stuff sacks and while I tried to bring only the bare minimum, I think still brought a few too many things (konmari is still a work in progress for me).

I knew I wanted to build the practice of writing every day and my partner found this great portable Zagg keyboard on Kijiji for $15. It’s the ultimate in compact computing – just enough.

Just enough is liberating.

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