Believing and then doing

Sometimes things get hard. They get hard for different reasons.

Sometimes it’s because it’s out of your control and you have to learn a new perspective.

Sometimes it’s because you’re in the middle of the dip and you have to persevere through it.

Sometimes it’s because you’re not following what you know is right for you.

I learned a lot this year. Mostly I learned I wasn’t on the path that I wanted to be on. I knew I needed to get on it.

Steering myself on to it was hard. It felt like a street fight at times. But I’m on it now.

Marie Forleo is right, everything IS figureoutable.

In the last 2 months:

I left for Southeast Asia and have visited 3 countries so far – heading to a 4th tomorrow.

I found loving homes for my dog and cat while I was away – though my oh my, I miss them.

I found a remote project management gig with a great little organization and am learning a ton.

I truly and experientially learned the difference between validation and affirmation.

I sold my property.

I created space.

It’s been an important lesson to not wait until I have it all figured out.

Sometimes you gotta stop to relish it all – look back on what you accomplished to give fuel to the next steps. That’s right now’s step.

Celebrating with my favourite meal of the week. Sunday Brunch.

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