Some things I’ve learned while traveling

I don’t need much. But what I do have / need, I want organized.

Travelling light means more laundry but is worth its ‘weight’ in not carrying extra stuff around.

No matter where they are from, people have both pride of place and are really familiar with its downsides.

Just because someone travels doesn’t mean they’re open minded.

English is everywhere.

History and leadership directly impact living conditions.

Culture – beliefs that influence behaviour – impact history and leadership.

Well-managed taxation can be a game changer.

I miss my dog. It’s true there’s a special bond between humans and canines.

Human rights pave the way for animals rights. I hope we continue moving faster towards both of these.

Hostels reminded me I’m not interested in partying much anymore. But I am interested in having time to really talk to people.

There’s hostels and hotels for every kind of traveller. Thank you, Agoda and Hostelworld.

Word-of-mouth marketing and user reviews are truly effective.

Balancing planning and flexibility is hard. I’m getting better at it. They each have a cost. Figuring out when and where to pull them out is key.

Sex tourism is alive and well.

Creating space for myself opens up new ways of thinking.

It’s hard to raise yourself out of poverty on a few dollars a day.

It’s amazing that the world can turn a blind eye to genocide. Maybe it’s because we think it’s too complex? It’s not our business? There’s nothing we can do about it? Movements always start with a few people. Whether good or bad. Some people have a lot more power than others. Understanding the differences is key to growth and change.

People are just so damn beautiful, complex and ugly – all at the same time. All of us.

We have more in common than we know, though we can learn a lot from our differences.

Open mindedness is a beautiful thing.

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