Being away from home helps you recognize just how lucky you are.

I’m so lucky to live in beautiful little Fredericton, NB – perhaps one of the cleanest cities around. It’s lush in the summer, on a river with fantastic tributaries and overall, a safe, friendly community.

Us Frederictonians like to complain about certain things like the lack of a great public transit system or the traffic on the bridge in the morning, but the truth is that we’re so lucky. We can certainly do better in some ways, which is important – it’s motivating to always be striving for improvement.

I’ve spent the last 2 days scootering around the mountains in northern Thailand. The countryside is so lush compared to the cities of blistering heat. And it smells so much better. If I was to spend a lot of time here, I’d want to be in the countryside – though most Thai leave the country for the bustle of the cities. I understand that desire – the lure of opportunity, and I have to say – almost everyone here seems to be an entrepreneur of some sort.

The truth is that I’ve far more enjoyed my time in Thailand away from the cities, which are so hot and hectic, cobbled together and a little on the smelly side. It’s so lush and beautiful away from the bustle, which somehow makes me appreciate the lushness of my own home just a little bit more.

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